Our Horses

With our breeding program, we aim to focus on breeding high-quality PRE horses suitable for both sport and recreation. Movement and character are central to our approach. By carefully selecting mares and stallions with proven good lineage, we aim to guarantee the quality of our breeding products. We always seek out horses that move well and have pleasant character. We believe that a horse with good 3 good gaits and a willing character can make it in dressage sport or simply bring happiness to its owner.

We have several very good mares out of proven bloodlines. Our goal is to breed around two foals annually. Our foals have the opportunity to grow up in a small herd, but they also receive early and thorough handling, making them manageable young horses with a lot of trust in humans by their side.

Additionally, all our mares are ridden or have been ridden when they are not nursing a foal. This allows us to get to know our mares well and assess their character. And, it helps keep them in shape.

Until a few years ago, we also had our own breeding stallion, from which we still have access to frozen semen. However, we also use other stallions if we believe the combination is better suited to our breeding goals.

Ilustrada YM

Ilustrada YM is a black mare bred by Yeguada Mile. She is the daughter of Sevillano de Mile, a Young Recommended Breeding Stallion, from both Calificado-approved parents. He was twice vice-champion in functionality at Sicab and also won two bronze medals at Sicab. In addition to her top lineage, she has of 3 excellent gaits and a golden character. She is cool in the head yet sensitive and forward aswell.

At the Campeonata Centro Europeo 2021, she won the prize for the best movement.

At the Campeonata Centro Europeo 2022, she won the silver medal in section 11 as well as the prize for the best movement.


Click here for Lus’s full pedigree.

Kiss de Mile

This black mare is the half-sister of Ilustrada on the sire’s side (Sevillano de Mile, JRR, and 2-time Vice-Champion at Sicab). On the dam’s side, she is the daughter of Mariscala Mango, daughter of Leviton XIX, Young Recommended Breeding Stallion, and Calificado. Kiss’s dam, Mariscala Mango, has already participated in several morphological competitions, winning first place twice. She also competed in Sicab five times.

In addition to her top lineage, Kiss, like her half-sister, has 3 superb gaits.

Click here for Kiss’s full pedigree.

Fortuna Iberica

Fortuna was born with us out of our beautiful mare Ilustrada YM. She has is goodlooking and moves with great agility. But above all, she has a very pleasant and easy character. Fortuna remains with us in the breeding program.

At the Campeonata Centro Europeo 2021, Fortuna won the prize for the best movements within her section.

At the Campeonata Centro Europeo 2022, Fortuna won the silver medal within her section.


Click here for the full pedigree of Fortuna.

Malteza Mango


Malteza Mango is a beautiful  PRE mare descending from pure Bohorquez lineage. She is half-sister of the triple world champion Atrevido Mango.

With her presence, she brings the finest PRE bloodlines in our stud farm, and her confident and noble character do confirm this! Malteza Mango is not only an heir of remarkable lineage but also an embodiment of elegance and determination.



Click here for Malteza Mango’s full pedigree


Marismeño XLVII

Marismeno XLVII is a purebred Bohorquez. He is grandson of Albero II. Albero II is one of the most important Spanish stallions who contributed to laying the foundation for today’s dressage-oriented PRE (Pura Raza Española). Albero II, grandson of Maluso who is considered “the father of the breed.” At the top of dressage, you will often find horses with Albero II in their bloodlines. Albero was not fully appreciated in his time (born in 1967). He was brown, large, and had spacious elastic movements, but he did not entirely meet the breed standard of that time. However, today we see that this bloodline achieves the best sporting results.

Marismeño has repeatedly proven to be a very good sire. Several of his offspring have won gold or silver in morphology competitions both domestically and internationally, in several cases combined with awards for the best movements or the champion of the breed.

If you are interested in breeding your mare with this stallion, please contact us for any further information.


Click here to see Marismeño’s full pedigree 

Our foals:

Expected for 2024:

For the upcoming season, we expect a first foal around April 15 out of Fortuna Iberica and Mar Wonderfull. Fortuna was born with us out of Ilustrada YM and our own stallion Marismeño XLVII. She is a young mare with a pleasant, willing character and 3 very good gaits. She won the best movements in her section at the Concurso Centro Europeo both in 2021 and 2022.

Mar Wonderfull is a cremello stallion owned by Haras de la Rodge Creux.

The foal born from this combination will either be buckskin or palomino. The foal is for sale and can be reserved. For all further information regarding this, feel free to contact us.



By the end of May, we expect a foal out of Ilustrada YM (affectionately known as Lus) and the Grand Prix stallion Kafu III. From Lus, we know she passes on her gentle, amiable character and her excellent gaits. Ilustrada won the silver medal for morphology at last year’s Concurso Centro Europeo, and for the second year in a row, she also won the best movements in her section.

Kafu III is currently owned by the Centro de Reproducción Equino Pépé Antón, where he is available as a breeding stallion. Kafu has had a successful career as a sport horse, competing at the Grand Prix level by the time he was owned by Yeguada Centurión. ANCCE has qualified Kafu as Jovén Reproductor Recomendado (Young Recommended Stallion). He boasts a lineage with prominent names, including Oficial XXIX, one of the founders of Yeguada Susaeta.

In addition to his pedigree and achievements, Kafu also has 3 very good gaits.

We expect the foal from this combination to be a top mover with the capabilities for sport at the highest level, all in a black. The foal is for sale and can be reserved by now. For all information regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In July, we expect a third foal out of Kiss de Mile and the black stallion Kafu III. We are convinced this foal will also be a top mover with the capabilities for sport at the highest level. The foal will be black aswell.

Like the others, this foal is for sale and can be reserved now. For all information regarding this, please feel free to contact us.

Kontigo Iberica °27/03/2023

Kontigo Iberica was born out of Rosca JF (purebred Escalera) and our own stallion Marismeño. Kontigo is a foal that moves exceptionally well: spacious, smooth, and with engagement from the hindquarters. Additionally, he has inherited a very affectionate and pleasant character from both of his parents.


Click here to see the full pedigree 

Joya Iberica °12/05/2022

Joya Iberica is born out of Kiss de Mile and Poeta de Susaeta. Poeta, qualified as Jovén Reproductor Recommendado, is a top stallion who has already proven himself. Kiss is the daughter of Sevillano de Mile (also Joven Reproductor Recommendado), and on her maternal side, she comes from very good bloodlines as well. In short, this foal combines the best bloodlines with Ermitaño III on the sire’s side (Poeta’s grandfather) and Lebrijano XLI and Leviton XIX on the dam’s side (both grandparents of Kiss).


Click here to see the full pedigree 

Iberica's Tinto de Verano °10/05/2022 (sold)

With Tinto, we decided to try something different. Initially, our plan was no more than just breeding a beautiful recreational horse with our palomino mare, adding a special color twist. Eventually, we settled on the idea of breeding a good riding pony! His mother is a Spanish mare in D-pony size (1.47m). For her, we chose the New Forest stallion Sirocco’s Kensington. Kensington has successfully passed a beautiful performance test and excels in dressage, jumping, and receives an excellent evaluation for his character.

Tinto is registered in the New Forest Pony Studbook.

Isleño Iberica °21/04/2021 (sold)

A magnificent foal that combines the best of both its mother and its father. Lenny is a beautiful, large foal with the looks and gaits of his mother and the gentle character of his father.

Click here for the full pedigree of Isleño Iberica.

PRE hengst veulen

Hiro °25/04/2020 (sold)

Hiro was born out of the black mare Olvido Rombo bred with our stallion Marismeño. Hiro was sold together with his mother. He has now grown into a handsome young colt.


Click here for the full pedigree of Hiro Iberica.


Guapita °13/06/2019 (sold)

Guapita is a brown filly born from Ilustrada and Marismeño. She comes from very good bloodlines on both her maternal and paternal sides. Guapita moves beautifully and smoothly. She is a full sister to Fortuna Iberica.


Click here for the full pedigree of Guapita.

Gamberro °06/06/2019 (sold)

Gamberro was born out of Fantastica YM and our stallion Marismeño. He comes from the best bloodlines (Albero II, Colombiano X). He is a beautiful, large colt with a lot of soupleness in his movement. Like his parents, Gamberro will turn grey.


Click here for the full pedigree of Gamberro




Fortuna Iberica (°27/06/2018)

Fortuna was born out of Ilustrada de Mile and Marismeño. She is for 75% Bohorquez. Fortuna is well-built and has spacious, flowing movements with a lot of locomotion. Fortuna will remains with us for the time being.


Click here for the full pedigree of Fortuna


Ebano CXVII (°08/05/2017) (sold)

Ebano was born out of Lanza III and our stallion Marismeño. Ebano has herited the looks and character the of his father.

click here for the link to Ebano’s pedigree.

Enamorada °14/04/2017 (sold)

Enamorada was born from our black mare Olvido and the black stallion Fandanguero des Cris. Enamorada has become a chestnut filly despite both parents being black.

Her father, Fandanguero des Cris, is a young stallion showing great promise in sport. Fandanguero’s lineage consists mainly of Escalera and YM.

Click here for the complete pedigree of Enamorada

Diamante CLXII °20/07/2017 (sold)

Diamante was born out of Fantastica YM and Diamante Negro. This foal is a true dressage type. She has beautiful, spacious, and supple movements. She has a fine and calm character.

Click here for the complete pedigree of Diamante

Campeon °04/06/2015 (sold)

Campeon was born out of Olvido Rombo and Jambo Cen. Olvido is one of our broodmares that has repeatedly proven herself in producing good foals. Jambo Cen is a stallion originating from the renowned Yeguada Centurion. We chose Jambo for his lineage and his functionality for dressage sport. Jambo has competed in dressage at the international level.

Click here for the pedigree of Campeon CLXIX

Compañera IV °22/03/2015 (sold)

Compañera was born in our breeding program out of Lanza III and Orgulloso Cen. Orgulloso Cen is a jet-black stallion bred by Yeguada Centurion, grandson of Delegado Mac from the legendary Yeguada la Cardenas.

Orgulloso achieved gold at the morphological competions in the Netherlands in 2012, also securing the prize for the best movements. Compañera has a beautiful morphology. Additionally, she has excellent gaits.

Click herefor the complete pedigree of Compañera IV

Bonita CCXXXVIII °21/04/2014 (sold)

Bonita was born out of Algabeña SP and the black stallion Goloso SG II (Yeg. Soto Gil). Goloso carries the blood of the renowned stallion Remache (Yeg. Militar) in his veins. Goloso is a black stallion. He is trained in dressage and also performs Doma Vaquera. He is a stallion with a lot of allure and presence. Bonita is dark brown in color and will grow to be large in size. She has inherited the courageous character of her father.

Click here for the complete pedigree of Bonita CCXXXVIII

Almendro XII °06/05/2013 (sold)

Almendro XII is born from Algabeña XXVI and Juguete IV. Juguete IV is a Calificado approved breeding stallion of which there are only a few in Belgium.

Click here for the complete pedigree of Almendro XII.

Aluna III °26/03/2013 (sold)

Aluna III is born out of Olvido Rombo and Fantastico-Cen. Fantastico-Cen is product and breeding stallion of the renowned Yeguada Centurion.

Aluna is a very beautiful dark brown foal with a golden character and super cool in handling. She was sold to Germany as a 3-year-old.

Click here for the complete pedigree of Aluna III

Our riding horses

Last but not least, we have a few other horses that are only used for riding.





Lusitano mare to stay within the Iberian horses but not a PRE mare 😉

Bonita is a robust lady who has been ridden up to high school level. She always has energy to work or go on long walks.”

In Memoriam: Lanza III

In the spring of 2018, we lost the oldest mare of our breeding program. Lanza was a snow-white PRE mare with beautiful morphology, spacious movements, and a fine character. As the oldest mare of our farm, Lanza proved herself multiple times in producing excellent foals. She gave birth to large foals and passed on her good movements. Her daughter Calida IV won several prizes in morphology and became the breed champion in the Netherlands in 2006. In 2013, another daughter of hers, Danzarina SP, won silver at the Morfology in Belgium and won the prize for the best movements.

We had Algabeña SP(alias Guapa), Compañera, and Ebano from her.

More photos and information can be found on the FB page of our stable: https://www.facebook.com/staliberica/

For more information about our horses, feel free to contact us at any time via the contact page.