Stal Iberica is a small, professional breeding stable specializing in Pura Raza EspaƱola (PRE), or the pure Spanish horse. This magnificent breed distinguishes itself in beauty and character from all other horse breeds. Moreover, due to their conformation and functionality, they have a special predisposition for dressage.

We focus on breeding high-quality PREs suitable for both sport and recreational riders. For us, a good horse must first and foremost be functional. It should have a certain size and be a good mover. In addition to possessing the physical capabilities, it must also have the willingness to work. These are qualities we strive to combine without losing sight of the noble character and distinctive beauty of the Spanish horse. Movement, character, and functionality are the primary criteria.

In addition to the genetic aspect, we also believe that the environment in which the horse grows up and is kept contributes to the development of a well-balanced horse. Our horses have access to pasture or outdoor areas 365 days a year. We believe it is crucial that especially young horses have permanent access to sufficient space for movement, both for their physical development and mental well-being. Stal Iberica has several pastures located within a radius of 3 km. This allows us to rotate between pastures so they can rest in turn. An additional advantage of our pasture system is that our horses become familiar with the trailer from a very young age.

Our foals stay with their mothers for a minimum of 5 months (in case of sale) or longer. We try to wean them gradually. From then on, the foals are kept with others in the pasture the whole year round.

For more information about our breeding products, see the section “our horses.”

We regularly have one or more horses for sale, including homebred foals or sometimes others. For more information, see the section “horses for sale.”